Three Horse Art Studio Annual Show and Sale

THREE HORSE ART…. The beginnings.


Sometimes in life you have an idea that rolls around in your head, but you never for one reason or another do anything about it.


The Three Horse Art Studio shows came to mind while I was still working. A co-worker friend and I  would have lengthy discussions about art and how it would be interesting to have a different type of show.


My obsession with horses and my passion for art has always been a divided road. I’ve always wanted to build myself an indoor riding arena, but the cost was such that I felt that it needed to have a dual purpose, so from this thinking once my arena was built I had the perfect venue for an art show.


Our initial show consisted of just three artists and a lot of support from friends and family, but the bare bones of the idea had merit. It was then that I took my idea to George Hurst and Shelia Ballantyne both of whom had years of experience in the art industry. They say timing is everything and our partnership and subsequent friendship proved to be the right combination.

 Poster 2

In producing the THREE HORSE ART STUDIO annual show for four years we took on an ever increasing size in the project. Each year our first meeting for the next year's show consisted of a wrap meeting of the show we just finished. The show for me represented a bit more, because it gave me a purpose while my husband fought Colorectal cancer. The show gave me the drive to paint, to produce a body of new work for the next up and coming show.


Unfortunately, during the last show Ron and I thought he was again going fight cancer. As it turned out, my husband Ron’s cancer scare was just that, and he’s been cancer free for more than two years.


Our 2010 show was an amazing success in every sense of the word, however for myself and for my partners it had run it’s course for the time being.

George, Sheila, myself and Leo decided more by accident than design that trying to produce a yearly show was just too demanding on our time. Producing a yearly show in this economy was also taking its toll. There’s something to quitting while you’re ahead. Too often the administration of these events prevent you from doing what you should be doing… creating. It really didn’t take long to make the decision to close the show, it was more like a great relief. As a consequence our creative juices have all taken off in different directions. Sheila has had some wonderful success with her piece Timeless as a Signature member of the Artists for Conservation. George has been expanding his creative soul with wood burning. For myself I’ve decided to be first and foremost an equine artist and have returned to my graphite roots.

Will the THREE HORSE ART STUDIO SHOW return?… maybe, it’s certainly a thought. Would we do it on a yearly basis again…. Not on your life… we all like to create far too much to put that much pressure on ourselves again.

More importantly we have forged a wonderful friendship with creativity being the glue that keeps us going.