There is a never ending supply of subjects to capture on canvas. I enjoy every moment spent in my painting room.  With soft music playing and a paint brush in my hand, the time passes much too quickly.  My life as a artist has been enhanced by joining various painting organizations. My artist supplies are always close at hand even when I venture south for the winter.


With painting in my life, I am never bored.


Since I began my new journey as an artist I view the world in a totally new light. Everywhere I look, there are challenges and rewards. I appreciate the wonderful people including fellow artist's that I have met and who have helped  and supported me along the way.


I was born and raised in Mallorytown and now reside in Brockville, Ontario. Until my retirement in 2001 I had very little time to pick up a brush and pursue painting as a vocation.
Since my retirement I have received instruction from various artists including Henry Vyfinkel, Joanne Purdy, Diane Sheridan Goodwin Sheridan, Marg Grothier and an Arizona artist Nancy Petterson. Each instructor has an independent way of painting and some use different mediums.
I work in oil, acrylic and recently watercolours. Sometimes I experiment in pen and ink with the addition of rouging or watercolours. I now only use artist quality paints,canvas and waterpaper.
I love painting horses from photographs I have taken. I am beginning to have success in selling commissioned works of horses and dogs. It is my love of animals that makes painting them so enjoyable. My camera goes where I go in the hopes of capturing a subject that I can paint. I also enjoy painting landscapes and old building such as the Armstrong house and barn. I was fortunate to take photographs of these buildings before they were demolished.


I am a member of the Brockville Artist Group and TIFAA (Thousand Islands Fine Art Association).